Winter Wellness. Find out how to prevent dry winter air from impacting your family's well being

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What's not to like? Aprilaire filters do the job. We have been using the Aprilaire system for 12 years and it really works to maintain the air quality.

John Caramagna (Aprilaire Air Filter)

The cats and kids are very happy to not be getting static discharge on everything they touch, I'm really loving not having dry and cracked lips and itchy skin, and the house is much more comfortable at a temperature setting of 69-70 degrees.

Ian B. (Aprilaire Humidifier)

Excellent product that can make winter just a little more tolerable. We have an steam humidifier in our house and it helps a lot with static, dry skin and breathing troubles that come with the winter heating season.

Jerry L Millsap (Aprilaire Humidifier)