RP Super Filter Coat Adhesive

RP Super Filter Coat is a water soluble air filter adhesive that can be applied to RP aluminum air filters or other viscous impingement filters. RP air filters are constructed of layers of silt and expanded aluminum and can be used in a wide variety of filter applications. Any viscous impingement filter coated with this exclusive adhesive has an increase in efficiency and dust holding capacity.

Size options:

  • RP 412 Super Filter Coat Adhesive = 10-ounce size, pump-spray bottle
  • RP 417 Super Filter Coat Adhesive Concentrate = 5-gallon size pail (Makes 10-15 Gallons)
  • RP 421 Super Filter Coat Adhesive = 5-gallon size pail

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  • Constant adsorption Super Filter Coat adhesive has a unique physical structure. It is a low viscosity oil held in a gel-like structure that can be likened to a network or series of compartments formed by a jack-straw arrangement of fibers.
  • Absorbs dirt particles trapped on the surface of the filter. As particles are trapped, they recede or are absorbed into the interior of the adhesive, and through the circulation of the low viscosity oil a renewed impurity absorbing surface is established. This is a continuous “flypaper” action which provides a constant impurity absorbing surface layer.
  • High viscosity Super Filter Coat adhesive in the concentrate form has a viscosity similar to heavy grease. Because of its high viscosity, Super Filter Coat adhesive will not migrate at temperatures up to 150°F.
  • Adhesive loads per filter thickness. The amount of adhesive that should be applied to various size filters to achieve optimum filter performance will vary. The type of impurities that are filtered will have an effect as well as the size and geometry of filter media. Also, the volume and velocity of air moving through the filters must be considered. Because of the many variables involved, see table containing information on adhesive concentrations for a 20" x 20" panel type aluminum air filter should only be considered as a guide.
  • Certified. Super Filter Coat Adhesive meets requirements of federal specification F-F-300B. SFC meets requirements of sections of the National Fire Protection Association Standards 90A and 90B applicable to filter adhesive. 3. SFC meets Canadian Standards Association requirements for use on viscous impingement filters in warm air furnaces.

RP Super filter coat adhesive

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